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Insect problems such as termites, ants, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, rat and other insects It is a chronic problem that has been with our human homes for a long time. And there will never be a day when these insects will disappear from our beautiful big world. Therefore, we must prevent and control these insects from multiplying to the point of overflowing the world. We there for come up with the best and safest way for humans. To eliminate and control these insects by using "Herbal Nanotechnology" to get rid of insects Which is a 100% natural extract that is safe for people and pets. And it has the best results in the pest control industry used in the world. At this time, Nano Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established. and has broken up a subsidiary company called Bug Expert Co., Ltd. We get rid of insects in your home. And get rid of insects for companies that can't get rid of...all over the country .

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Pipe laying service for termite control

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Bug Expert Co., Ltd. under the management of Nano Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We are the leader in termite control innovation. and all kinds of insects By using natural extracts, "Nanotechnology Herbs" It is the highest safety for humans, pets and the environment. And get rid of insects the best results if compared to all current insect control methods. Managed by Khun Dome (Atichat Khandet), an insect expert. and has more than 10 years of experience in pest control Used to get rid of insects with a variety of methods that many companies used to use. until it was found that using "Nano herbs" is the safest way. and get the best results At present We do not use chemicals 100%, we train to educate and select service personnel as well. theory test scores and performance score According to the standards of the Public Health Office, everyone You can be assured that The termite and insect problems that you want to get rid of will be reduced and gone from the residential area. or your workplace for sure

We provide termite removal services. and all kinds of insects And sell "nano herbs" nationwide and export abroad

Tel. 08-9955-1010 , 052-000-644 Fax. 052-000-644

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